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Nintendo Switch's FIFA game will be FIFA 18

The FIFA game coming to Nintendo Switch this year will be called FIFA 18, according to EA executive Peter Moore.

The Journey Will be Back in FIFA 18

According to EA CEO Andrew Wilson, FIFA 18 will once again feature The Journey with new characters and storylines.

FIFA 18 Release Date Prediction

If you check the release dates of the previous few versions of this game, you will notice that EA Sports had chosen the months of September to unveil a new installment of FIFA.

FIFA 17 League and Nation Hybrid SBC

Here we take a look at League and Nation Hybrid SBC, including Semi-Pro, Professional, World Class and Legendary. Complete these challenges to get 10 k coins and a unique kit.

FIFA 17 iMOTM Cards: iMOTM Mahrez and Diallo Released

iMOTM is the abbreviation of International Man of the Match, which are released to reward the excellent performance of players in the real life tournaments.EA has released iMOTM Mahrez and Diallo, which will be available for 24 hours.

FIFA 17 TOTW Predictions: Week 18

Today let's look at TOTW 18 predictions. Who do you think will be featured? This week Marko Arnautović is recommended to invest. The TOTW 18 will be revealed this Wednesday.

FIFA 17 Guide: What You Should Know about Winter Upgrades

FIFA 17 is the reflection of what happens on real pitch. Before FIFA 17 comes out, we have been predicting the player ratings, which players will be upgraded (summer upgrades). This page will tell us something about Winter upgrades.

FIFA 17 POTM 92 Rated Ibrahimovic Squad Builder Challenges

Ibra wins POTM for December. There are squad builder challenges featuring. Complete the challenges and get the 92 rated Ibrahimović. SBC's are live for two weeks.

FIFA 17 Luna New Year Promotion Guide

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, EA will prepare the promotion, that you will possibly receive the FUT packs, daily gifts, and featured SBC's. More details are available in this page.

FIFA 17 Cheap TOTW 17 Guarantee Squad Builder

TOTY midfielders (96 Modric, 85 Iniesta, 95 Kroos) have been released. At the same time TOTW 17 Guarantee SBC is live, complete the challenge and get the untradeable players.

FIFA 17 TOTW Predictions: Week 17

FIFA 17 TOTY has come out. Are you looking forward to this week's TOTW? Who do you think will be featured? Let's see which players will receive inform cards in this page. Wissam Ben Yedder is recommended to invest.

FIFA 18 Wishlist: What Do You Want for FIFA 18?

What do you think of FIFA 17 after playing for a long time? Of course, FIFA 17 has new additions, but there are also game issues. It turns out it can not satisfy all gamers. Before FIFA 18 comes out, what do you want for FIFA 18?

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