What to Expect of Esport in FIFA 17

u4fifa Date: Sep/18/16 13:43:59 Views: 39

I thought I could add some of my thoughts. This year we basically had FIWC ESWC and 3 PLAL events as the big events. Some national championships and some tournaments with some nice money, but overall not any steps forward. However, that we now have like 7 football clubs with esport players is really good.


So what can we expect this year? To start of with is that EA have announced that they are putting in 1.3 million dollars, if that's only prize pool or including travel living etc for the players, only time can tell. But that is something that really will help us. Before we only had FIWC with a 25k prize pool, it's been something but it's time to expand that. And I'm sure some of the money will be put in to FIWC. We have also seen that they have moved that 'season', qualifiers will now start in February with grand finals in August. And to now have in game fut Chamoions is another big step. This will open more eyes of people that previously didn't know you could compete in FIFA. Combining this with the regional finals and the championship in fut we know have a solid ground. So for FIFA 17 we already know there will be more bigger LANs then ever. And with more players getting to know it will generate more fans in the public which will lead to more money in the FIFA circle.


ESWC have also confirmed their annual 15k tournament, also referred to as unofficial championship. Hopefully they put more effort in to it then last year, when we had like 3-5 games streamed and the commentators thinking the final was the bronze game, something like that. It's a shame it won't be online qualifiers, but hopefully we will get a lot of good players from the offline qualifiers and in the invites I really hope they get booth some old big names AND some younger and talented players. Crazy how many there are. So this will be a good start to the year.


To sum it up, we yesterday saw the first ever North American player getting sponsored, Guastella, a well known name with 5 FIWC top 32 places. Getting NA and even Asia is something we need to get the scene evolving and we know it will happen in some scare with fut champions. At the moment we have no sites really where you can read esport FIFA news, which really is a shame. I've been trying to get Dexerto to publish some, but no success. I've also had the thought to do like a weekly summary in a video, if that would be appreciated. But I really hope we this year can grow in players, sponsored players, teams, fans, tournaments, websites etc etc like never before!