What Do We Know About FIFA 17

u4fifa Date: May/28/16 10:35:38 Views: 39

How to exit from the new FIFA shared by only four months, we decided to remember the things that we already know, we do not know and that reasonable doubt regarding the most popular series of football simulation.


How a few days ago revealed CEO Electronic Arts Andrew Wilson, FIFA 17 will "introduce a huge change in the series in terms of customization options and the authenticity of the competition." This is our first and foremost suggests an increase graphics improvements, but more detailed, more complex in every sense of the word complex Be a Pro and Career modes. For example, would not be surprised if FIFA 17 allowed a detailed and long-term monitoring of development statistics of your players during Career mode.


What is unlikely to change the control and focus on the Ultimate Team mode that has in recent years become almost striking link the series and even "leaked" in other EA Sports games such as the recently emerged UFC 2. Moreover, according to unofficial information from the Romanian branch Electronic arts, FIFA 17 should have a "significantly more advanced artificial intelligence in comparison to its predecessor," especially in terms of defense that current computer-controlled FIFA teams never really not succeeded. The same source states that we can expect more options during performance breaks and "fluid formation."


As in previous years, PC and Xbox One players can expect to be able to play Origin Access demo of the new FIFA game, and to the mid of September, about a week before the official FIFA 17 arrives on the market. PlayStation 4 has so far been deprived in terms of the FIFA demo works why not this year we do not expect any change in this context.


It is likely that EA will soon organize an online vote to cover the game , just as it is with great success for the first time did last year, except that the cover art of physical FIFA 17 boxes vary from country to country, we expect a neutral international version of what we will be able to purchase in our region run by one male and one female star of world football, men's and she will not be Messi because in recent months the love between him and EA Sports allegedly irreparably broken.