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There are two weeks from the launch of FIFA 17. So let's see what will happen in September before the release.


As we know that FIFA 17 demo will launch on 13th and 14th (for European playstation gamers) for PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. From 20th to 21st, it is possible that FUT 17 Web App, EA Sports FIFA Companion App and first TOTW may be released. Besides, games may also receive daily gifts. On 22nd, gamers can gain early access to EA or origin Access Subscribers with only 10 hours to play. First game update could be on 23rd. Then, it comes to the final release, FIFA 17 will be released on 27th for North America and the rest of the world( Latin America, Australia, Europe, Japan and UK) on 29th.


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