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Top 10 FIFA 17 Leagues by 3 Million Votes

By Administrator, 05/06/2016

FIFA 16 fans have voted over 3 million times for their favorite country leagues to be featured in coming FIFA 17 football game. The vote offers 81 domestic leagues as voting options, the leagues which have not been featured in the current EA Sports football game, FIFA 16.


The online FIFA community FIFPlay runs this survey to encourage EA Sports for getting the license to include the most wanted football leagues in the game that were not featured in previous versions of FIFA franchise.


Turkish 2nd League, Israeli League and German 3rd League (3rd Bundesliga) are currently the top 3 of this survey with having over 400,000 votes each.


Here is the current top 10 leagues (May 4, 2016 - 11am CET):


Total number of votes: 3,074,725


01 - Turkish PTT League (456,452 Votes)

02 - Israeli League (456,196 Votes)

03 - German 3rd League (411,865 Votes)

04 - Hungarian League (126,591 Votes)

05 - Egyptian League (120,825 Votes)

06 - Mexican 2nd League (89,860 Votes)

07 - Spanish 3rd League (83,102 Votes)

08 - Guatemala League (62,590 Votes)

09 - Thai League (59,851 Votes)

10 - Romanian League (58,256 Votes)


FIFA 17 Leagues


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