TERA: How Do You Play Lancer With Awakening?

u4fifa Date: Jul/05/18 16:31:41 Views: 80

The Lancer is a heavily armored class which specializes in a lance with melee defensive capabilities in Tera. The lancer wields a large shield alongside its lance, which it can use to fend off most attacks. After fending off an attack, the Lancer can retaliate from a distance with its lance. In order to balance this, the lancer is very slow.



When I play Tera, I was a good Lancer, and I like to play it with awakening. Lancers are capable of an incredible amount of defense power thanks to their defending skill Stand Fast. When the enemy is vulnerable after a successful block, the lancer will abuse the chance and Shield Counter. Then, how do you play Lancer with awakening?


First, Reinhardt shield is used for specific mechanics. The 30% pushback mechanic in RRNM last boss, 80% pushback mechanic on RRHM last boss, < 30% pushback on lachelith, and it can be paired with divine protection to block the "Shutting down area..." mechanic on RK 2nd boss (you need to use both and have everyone behind you).


Divine Protection is good for shielding your party from unavoidable damage or mechanics that are difficult/inconvenient to avoid, such as RK 3rd boss S, goblins exploding on TR 3rd boss, lasers on TR 2nd boss, RRH 3rd boss's teleport move, souls on RMH 3rd boss, etc. I'm not sure about wipe mechanics, but you could give it a try. 2nd boss in sky cruiser probably won't work because he keeps spamming the wipe after it happens iirc.


In Tera, probably the biggest gameplay change is that now you can chain the first hit of shield barrage into spring attack, so that's an option if you have high ping or don't want to macro or manually block cancel shield barrage. Lockdown blow chains into spring attack as well, onslaught now has a frontal block and can be chained into from a few different skills,


Use Super Leap after Wallop or Charging Lunge, and you won't go through the boss. It will effectively be a second, high damaging wallop. Divine Barrier seems to be largely used for anything that does a lot of damage but isn't necessarily an install-kill. RK9 s-bomb, Garuukstalk purple goblins, idk.


The shield will stop stuff like the aoe stuns in Thaumetal, as well as for anyone behind you. In addition, in the new Red Refuge Hard Mode, it will protect everyone during the first phase transition at 80%. Perfect Blocks aren't a tiny amount of damage. A couple % at most. But you still want Perfect Blocks for the Hold the Line stacks. If stacks aren't an issue, then you can try to time wallop/super leap/onslaught for blocks.


If you want to run faster in Tera, sure.