POE 3.3 Builds For Dual Sunder Jugg 3.3 Starter

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This construct is primarily created for me to progress easily at the begin of 3.3. This create is always to safely map with a decent velocity. Since from the mitigation a Juggernaut have Uberlab will likely be effortless to accomplish with minor investment (50c with the most).
POE 3.3 Builds For Dual Sunder Jugg 3.3 Starter

Pros and Cons:
+ Quite budget friendly
+ Very good league starter
+ Can farm Uberlab
+ Tanky
+ Semi good clear pace

- Harm necessitates some investment 
Not office screening
reflect maps are lousy

Unflinching -> Unbreakable -> Unstoppable* -> Unrelenting
You are able to swap Unstoppable for Undeniable, but it needs you to work with Kaom's Roots, and spec out of Resolute Technique over the passive tree. It is actually far more injury, but less movement velocity. Considering the fact that we're leap slamming most of the time to obtain all-around, some people could possibly desire the damage. 

Assistance Oak. 1% daily life regen, 2% bodily dmg taken diminished, 20% increased physical harm. 
We want that physical damage mitigation, and the two other stats are great as well. 

Skill Tree:
Commonly on the talent tree, i take as a lot of effective daily life, regen and axe/dualwield nodes as is possible. We would like to survive rather than die every single 3rd or 4th map, so lifestyle is usually a priority. We've got a 211% enhanced lifestyle from your skill tree alone, with is more than most builds can say. 
We would like enough harm to complete the articles we aim for (clear maps securely to acquire atlas progress and farm uberlab), and adequate attack pace to be certain our leap slam feels very good, as it is our motion ability. 

As for keystones we consider:
- Resolute Method
We dont choose to miss, this assures that by no means occurs. Should you take Undeniable as your ascendancy node, dont take Resolute strategy as it denies you the oppertunity to crit and get the injury bonuses. 
- Iron Reflexes
Converts all our evation rating to armor. We need to get hit to proc our ascendancy node Unbreakable, that offers us far more daily life regen, the far more injury we've got mitigated in the previous 10 seconds. 

On regulair jewels we want:
- %Life
- %Attackspeed with axes
- %Attackspeed with one particular handed
- %Attackspeed although dual wielding
- Elevated damage with axes
- Increased harm with 1 handed
- Enhanced harm when dual wielding

Stats and resists we may well require.
As for Abyss jewels:
- Max life
- Improved attackspeed
- Additional injury to axe attacks
- Extra injury to attacks
Factors such as blind on hit is extremely great too. 

Gems and Links:
Primary DPS Setup
Sunder - Concentrated Result - Melee Bodily Injury - Multistrike - (5L)Ruthless - (6L)Additional Fire Injury

CWDT Setup
Cast When Harm taken - Enfeeble - Blood Rage
Enfeeble will make the enemies do significantly less injury
Its good to have blood Rage energetic in any respect time, and this ensures that. 

Mobility Setup
Leap Slam - Quicker Attacks - Fortify - Blood Magic
Leap slam is our most important mobility. We use speedier attacks to produce it even much better. We'll get buffed with fortify everytime Leap Slam hits something. Since we dont possess a superior mana regen, but have a substantial daily life regen, we use Blood Magic for being in a position to spam Leap Slam. 

Aura Setup
Hatred and Herald of Ash. 
Hatred will flat out give us additional injury.
Herald of ash will give us a little extra coverage in AoE siturations, since the burning injury from overkill can hit enemies that didnt get hit by sunder. 

Stone Golem us employed if you'd like a lot more lifestyle regen.
Lightning Golem will give a lot more attack pace, and for that reason extra mobility with Leap Slam

Pob Link:https://pastebin.com/5dh7D6EW
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