More Than 1.5 Billion Matches Played on FIFA 16

u4fifa Date: May/16/16 09:36:02 Views: 28

Electronic Arts releases a very interesting infographic for all its games. FIFA 16 gamers have been busy this season playing over 1.5 billion matches according to a release from Electronic Arts.


The video game giant releases stats for the latest versions of some of their hit games this year including FIFA 16, NFL Madden 16, Plants Vs Zombie, Sim City and UFC 2. According to EA, over 1.5 billion matches have been played online since they released FIFA 16 in September last year. This means by the release of FIFA 17 that number could top 2 billion matches.


FIFA franchise is currently the biggest selling sports game in the world and EA is already touting a major overhaul of the game come for the next installment slated for release around September.


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