Key FIFA 17 Wishlist Features What Fans Most Expect

u4fifa Date: Apr/29/16 21:43:02 Views: 31

FIFA 16 is a great football game, but lots of new features can be added to the game to make it more authentic and real. Here we are listing some FIFA 17 features wishlist below which fans are expecting in the next version.


Now here we go the FIFA 17 features wishlist:



In real life, the kit changes after every season. However, this option is not available in the FIFA game. Creating a new kit or downloading the current kit should be an option for the game. 


To make the game little more interesting and to give it a new look, EA can provide an option to tweak kits every year on loading of every season, this will give a feel of something new. I am saying to change the complete kit of the team, but for instance, if you are playing as arsenal, you don't change the entire kit into purple or something, but a new design like stripes or anything can be added would be great. This option can be available on every new season on career mode. Or they can provide an option of kit combination where players can choose different color shots. For example, Juventus can use black or white shorts in their home kit.


Reserves Team:

To bring a little more excitement into the game with extra teams. We all love to play from the big team side, and FIFA has done a great job in introducing such champion teams, they have featured almost all the best teams of football, but they have left several small teams. Sometimes it feels good to play from the small team side against a champion. It bestows a different challenging feeling. EA can add new reserves teams in FIFA 17 for extra enthusiasm. This will be unique attribution and will provide more challenging opportunities.


Upgrading the stadium:

A team should be able to change or upgrade the current stadium. There are really bad stadiums in the lower divisions of the game. It would be more interesting if we could expand the current stadium or buy a new one.In the manager mode, there should be an option to upgrade the current stadium. New/ larger stadiums will increase the transfer budget of the team. It will make the road to glory for small league teams more entertaining.


Extra Swedish Leagues:

While FIFA has been looking forward to adding several new leagues, the list still seems to lack some popular leagues in the world. Football and Sweden has a great combination, and that would be great if EA could include more Swedish leagues with stadium customize options. A league match gives a complete different experience full of energy. Thus adding more of that won't harm anybody; in fact it would be an advantage in the game as it will enhance the entertainment package.


Customize Nets:

This is something several fans are looking for years. If we talk about the FIFA 16, there I've seen the nets are hardly sufficient. EA Sports can provide an option to change the color and pattern of the nets players are playing with and the other thing is they have provided an option of tightness and looseness of the nets, for what purpose? it doesn't work anyway. Instead they can provide a tighter net the way as it was in FIFA 2014 world cup. If we'll see the same in 2015 and 2016 game, the nets are so saggy.


Authentic Managers:

While playing manager mode in FIFA career mode, until now, we can only edit the appearance of the manger. We should be able to create a manager like we are able to create a player. Adding a gameface for the manager is also a great idea. Managers are the important part of the game, and they have significant role to play. So instead of those generic dudes, EA can include professional managers.


Enhanced Crowd Animation:

Let's make the crowd more lively and curious. It would be amazing and funny to see the crowd walking out of stadium if their team is losing with big difference like 4-0. Crowd can be full of enthusiasm, they can add sound energetically on every goal and they react and sound negatively on every missing goal kick.


Award Ceremonies:

Top players would be nominated for Player of the Year or Goal of the Year. There should be a preview of the award ceremony in FIFA 17, which would build suspense for who will win the award. It will drastically improve the game's drama feature.


Include Dinamo Zagreb:

Many fans believe it is the time to add Dinamo Zagreb into the FIFA game now as they have qualified for tournaments like champions league and some awesome players as well. Besides, they also win their league every time. FIFA can consider them to add in the next version. It is little awkward that FIFA has not added them in FIFA 16, but they can be included in FIFA 17.


Additional Leagues:

Fans were expecting numerous other leagues in FIFA 16, but as they are missing in FIFA 16, now hope is to FIFA 17. They can add the Greek, Ukrainian, Romanian, Croatian, Serbian, Czech, Finland and Bulgarian leagues. Besides all such, Brazil Champions league and Europe league is also needed. EA can include other legends and all the South American leagues like the Ecuadorian, Uruguayan, Bolivian, Venezuelan leagues. Their inclusion is significant in order to create copa libertadores, they need to put their attention on Latin America with one eye on Europe. There are numerous hardcore soccer fans in North America as well, if they include their teams in next version, the game will become superior than it is now.


Online Career Mode:

This surely will be the best feature if it comes to FIFA 17. Online challenges are one of the best features in FIFA and if career mode comes with the same feature, we'll surely spend a few hours more pressing keys on the joystick. EA can bring online career mode in FIFA 17 now; 2-4 players' option would be great for the beginning of online mode. Fighting for titles and transfers fills with different energy. This will enhance the credibility of the game and its entertainment level will multiply with enthusiasm since this will let players to challenge players online. This would be an amazing characteristic to introduce in FIFA 17.