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How to Make FIFA 17 Coins by Sniping and Investing in the Right Player

By Administrator, 10/02/2016

FIFA 17 is an association football video game in the FIFA series, released on 27 September 2016 in North America and 29 September 2016 for the rest of the world. This is the first FIFA game in the series to use the Frostbite game engine. This article is going to teach you how to make wealth in Fifa 17 by sniping and investing in the right player.


Strategy One: League and Reputation


Although players that are good for investment can be changed all the time based on several factors, there are some types of player that are usually worth investing. They are a skillful player from a famous football league.


Currently, the three most popular leagues so far you keep your eyes on when scouting for a player are English Premier League, La Liga, and Bundesliga. For skillful players, they should cost around 8,000 coins or less and a popular choice for the squad building challenge. The position is also important. A fast forwarder is highly recommended since its price tends to increase overtime. However, other positions still work as well as long as they are a good player from reputable football leagues.


Strategy Two: Demand in the Future


Beside from having a good price, rating, position, and a popular league, it is recommended to snipe for a player that has a possibility to be in a high demand in the future such as Thiago from Bayern Munich. Thiago is a centre midfielder from Bundesliga and having 5-stars skill moves. It is quite rare to find a midfielder coming from a famous league possessing good rating with max stars in skill moves. All of these attributes combined, he has a chance to be incredibly in high demand in the future.


The second example is Piszczek from Borussia Dortmund. He will be highly sought in the future because of his position as a right back defender. In Bundesliga, a good player in this position is quite scarce. If anyone would like to build a hybrid team or a Bundesliga squad, Piszczek is going to be a viable option for a right back defender. Some might say that Philipp Lahm is a better option due to his 88 ratings. However, his price is very high. Because of this, Piszczek will be the best pick for the full right back defender in Bundesliga resulting in a high demand in the future.


Strategy Three: Investing in Legends


In this moment, several legendary football players are having reachable price due to in-game currency value. For example, a 350k Fifa 17 coins at present is equal to 800k within a couple of weeks. When EA releases more football players, the market price for all players will be increased, the legendary.


It means that if anyone can invest in a legendary player early, that person can get a hefty profit a few weeks after that. A legendary player price has a significant increasing rate. Its value can be easily triple within two weeks. Inzaghi, a famous Italian forwarder, is an example. Currently, his average market price is at 500k where it was only 200k a week before. And his value is definitely going to be increasing in the near future.


Strategy Four: Being Creative


Fifa 17 Ultimate Team Market has the rule of demand and supply. There will be a lot of people looking for specific players they believe can be sold at high price. As a result, people will be investing in the same players resulting in the increase of competition. It means the cost of that specific player will increase dramatically and not worth investing anymore.


Because of this, there will not be a single player that is always worth investing. It is recommended to put creativity while sniping for a player to invest in. It is going be a lot less competition which results in more profit.


One thing to remember is the sniping strategy requires Fifa 17 coins. If you are a complete new player, this tip will not work that well. To increase a success chance, you can buy fifa 17 coins at u4fifa.com and use that amount as a fund to make your own wealth.


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