How to Buy FIFA 16 Coins after Price Range

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For all the devoted fans and players of FIFA, now your experience can be taken to a higher level by the improved and even more authentic and exciting updated version – FIFA 16. Your football playing experience is guaranteed to be even more fulfilling with the innovations that FIFA 16 brings. However, the question that is sure to be anticipated right from the start is how to buy FIFA 16 coins after this update and whether buying coins would be even possible in this case? Furthermore, if this option is still available, does it also include that possibility for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Xbox 360? The main point to take into consideration now is that you need to earn coins first instead of buying tem right away. But let’s consider the options anyway.


FIFA 16 Coins Price Historyico 500,000 Coins

FIFA 16 Coins Price Range


Buying Coins With Comfort Trade Method or Through A Mule Account

The former option mentioned above is only recommended if you completely trust the website, as the seller requests to log into your personal account with your log in pass and the secret answer. They create a new account for you with coins on it and afterwards, they send you a brand new account name, password and the secret answer and you are then able to use your account again as you used to. On the other hand, buying your coins through a mule account could be a little riskier. You buy a new account and choose how many coins you would like to buy. Then, you pay the website and in return, they send you your new account. It is important to emphasize that it is highly recommended that you change your password and secret answer immediately afterwards. 


Buying Coins On Your PS3 and PS4

To get back to the question for the beginning, it cannot be said for sure at the moment whether FIFA 16 would be available only for PS4 or for the older version – PS3 – as well. There are hopes however that the game would soon be made available for all or most of the consoles. Again there are many websites where you can buy coins, but unfortunately, most of them are unreliable and you should be very careful where you invest your money. Of course, there is always the safest option and that is to buy the coins in the official way, but if you, however, chose to opt for the illegal way, be very careful and chose the website you could trust.


Buying Coins For Xbox 360

The Xbox version of FIFA 16 is expected to be released this year. When it comes to buying coins for your Xbox version, there are again two ways – the official and, of course, the illegal one. The official way, as you probably already know, allows you to directly buy coins on your Xbox with a FIFA gift card. If you chose the other option, you auction a player in an online store and the website buys it from you. In return you receive coins within an hour or so. Again there a lot of websites like this but only few of them are reliable.


It is recommended to consider your options before making any choices. Of course, you can always splurge with the official way, but if you chose other options, be sure that you trust the site.