How is this Journey mode different from the Player Career mode

u4fifa Date: Oct/04/16 05:15:31 Views: 144

The Journey is basically a story mode where you play as Alex Hunter through his life as a young player in the Premier League. It isn't the same thing or a replacement for a Player Career, as obviously you're only able to play as Hunter, and you've got a bit less freedom in that you'll only be able to play for a Premier League side. You don't get to start off in League Two, and you don't get to move to Bayern Munich halfway through. You play through the beats of this lad's career (not sure how long it goes, I heard it was a year).


This is going to be FIFA's equivalent of 2K's MyPlayer/MyCareer series in terms of demand for a player mode with some sort of story/immersion. What makes it easier for them is that they've only got the NBA (or WWE) to work around so it's much easier to craft a single narrative around playing in the NBA or rising up the ranks in WWE. For EA to be able to give the same immersion to the regular Player Career as NBA give to MyPlayer, they'd have to have written so many different scenarios/narratives, as obviously a player that starts in the Premier League won't have the same scenarios as a youngster at Accrington Stanley.


And that's just two leagues, think of the amount of countries you can play in for Career Mode and then you'll see why they've fixed it to Alex Hunter and the Premier League. In the NBA game you get that Jackson Ellis guy as your rival (didn't play 2K16, I'm going off 2K15). He's American, the pair of you are playing in the NBA that's fine. Let's take the rival/friend Gareth Walker from The Journey. It makes sense for him to be playing in the Premier League alongside Hunter (or admittedly a custom player). But would it make sense to have an English rival player in the Bundesliga, or La Liga, or the Eredivise? That's asking EA to put in a lot more work to give a similar level of depth to 2K when 2K don't have as many variables to contend with.


Plus, having the character set as Hunter gets over the immersion breaker of every single person referring to your player as either 'you' or whatever preset nickname you picked out beforehand. Do you complain that you have to play as Shepherd in Mass Effect, or Geralt in The Witcher? You get a big say in how they develop, but you don't get to play as yourself. If you want to play as yourself, then that's still there. You can play a Player Career.


Tl;dr, The Journey is a 'story mode' rather than another career mode.