How chemistry Style Affects Player Attributes in FIFA 17

u4fifa Date: Nov/25/16 00:39:09 Views: 41

Chemistry is important. Although EA previously gave out the explanation about how chemistry works, it's still a myth that how chemistry affects player attributes. 


FIFA 17 Chemistry style


There are minor differences of pace between different chemistry versions of the same player. Then the questions comes. What happens to the relatively low pace player, i.e. Firmino, with a Hunter chemistry style, could he be as fast as a fast striker? Is 99 the threshold of attribute values? If it is, then everyone should just buy low pace player with Hunter card and high pace player does not worth the coins. Such questions are to be solved.


Then let's take a look at the basic chemistry affects the player attributes. Here take Coutinho's pace stats and Chiellini's pace stats with basic chemistry as examples.


Chiellini's pace stats with Basic chemistry style


Chiellini pace stats


Coutinho's pace stats with Basic chemistry style

Coutinho pace stats


We can see that Coutinho has insane acceleration that he can  reach his maximum sprint speed of 77. He is much faster than Chiellin who reaches his sprint speed of 78 with 74 acceleration only. In fact, Chiellin is the faster one.


Above is just the little analysis, some indicate that chem is related to the height. I guess it's still a myth and needs some tests to know the facts. You can know how it affects via the youtuber ElbruzOne's test. You can check below.



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