FUT 17 MOTM Orange Cards Guide

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As you may know that MOTM is the abbreviation of "Man of the Match". These IF orange cards are given to players who have outstanding performances in real life cup fixtures, chosen by EA. So in this page, let's get information about these orange cards.


It is usual that FUT 17 MOTM cards are released at at 12am / midnight (UK time). About 100 MOTM cards will be released. These cards will be available in packs for only 24 hours. During the time, the orange cards will replace the corresponding regular cards. It has to mention that if you have the regular card of a MOTM player, your card keeps unchanged. If you want the orange card, then you should buy the improved version of the MOTM player. The ratings of FUT 17 MOTM cards are generally boosted in one or two points, compared to the regular or latest IF card (except TOTY, TOTS, RB). It is said that the first  MOTM card will be released in November. MOTM Aduríz orange card is released offically, which is available for next 24 hours!


MOTM Aduríz

MOTM Aduríz


What do you think of ? It is available in any gold pack, you just need to get lucky to get it. 


And below are FAQ you might care about.


Can more than one MOTM card be released in a single day?

Yes. In a single day, multiple MOTM cards can be released.


What affects Man of the Match player's prices the most?

When a MOTM player receives a higher rated inform, his orange card price probably will drop significantly. The opposite can also happen however. When a popular/high rated MOTM player doesn't receive another inform card for an extended period of time, his MOTM card will likely gradually increase in value as it is the superior card.


Are specific stats upgraded to reflect a player's MOTM performance?

If a player were to score two goals from outside the box for example, his long shots stat would probably receive a higher upgrade to reflect this. This is the case for any particular aspect of their performance.


Are FIFA 17 MOTM cards available in the FUT Draft mode?

Yes, they are available in all modes, including FUT Draft and FUT Squad Building Challenges.


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