FIFA 18 Wishlist: What Do You Want for FIFA 18?

u4fifa Date: Jan/09/17 22:48:22 Views: 68

What do you think of FIFA 17 after playing for a long time? Of course, FIFA 17 has new additions, which are appealing. But there are also game issues. It turns out it can not satisfy all gamers. Before FIFA 18 comes out, what do you want for FIFA 18? Here we collect the gamers' wishes from the community.




1. Career Mode more enjoyable

There could be more chances for Career Mode to be more enjoyable. Obviously, CM should have more improvements to appeal gamers. Below are what they want.


  • Online Career Mode allow you play with your friends. It does work in Madden. But out of the possibility, it is not easy for EA to do such a thing based on a huge database of players and teams. Wouldn't it be fun to play with your friends in the sdame league? 
  • Build on their Total Club Management, giving us new ways of completing them, not just playing games and signing players, expanding the objectives. Giving the options to open the Academies in Foreign countries (if our club has enough prestige), which are useful for Youth Scouting in this country. Except that, advertisements, promotion nights, and negotiating sponsors should be added. There are promotional and sponsorship opportunities for CM's that DO increase realism and immersion and make money at the same time.
  • Be able to add our own chants and songs for teams, which could add a lot your game to hear unique chants. Every 4+ star team should have 2-3 chants at least.
  • More leagues, such as NASL, other north American leagues, Chines Super League, Europa League, youth league and reserve's league for World Cup, etc should be enhanced. 


2. More Modes

More modes like Chairman Mode, which enable you to hire and fire your managers, make player decisions, renovate your stadiums, chenge the ticket and kit price, etc. This is kind similar to Manager Mode. It would be nice to bring back assistants, a complete reformulation of manager mode, something like nba2k, the deepest career mode available in any sports game, with the possibility to train the whole team and not focus on only 5 for week, redesign the team selection screen, assemble the team.


3. AI Improvement

Clearly, AI needs revamp. There are several AI problems. AI does not work sometimes or it is just that every team plays the same way, so there is no distinction in their style of play. And CPU teams clearly are not aware when they are losing and don't tactically adjust. To do the decent programming to make the defence to be positionally aware of their surroundings and the consequences of their position. 


4. More stadiums

Apprently, gamers would be like to see more stadiums they prefer in the game, below are the stadiums they wish to see. Besides, some gamers indicate that they would be happy if there are any indoor stadiums.


Stadium wishlist:

  • Benfica - Estádio da Luz
  • Porto - Estádio do Dragão
  • Sporting - Estádio José Alvalade
  • Fenerbahçe - Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium
  • VfL Wolfsburg - Volkswagen Arena
  • Galatasaray - Türk Telekom Arena
  • Besiktas - Vodafone Arena
  • Yokohama F. Marinos - Nissan Stadium
  • Guangzhou - Aoti Main Stadium


Of course, there are still many other things gamers want. They want the game more realistic. They want less gameplay issues. They want EA has more license.


What do you want for FIFA 18? Tell us your ideas. Keep an eye on us. We will keep updating the latest news. What's more, you are able to get FIFA 18 coins. Any questions you can ask for customer service. Enjoy the game.