FIFA 17 Web App Starting Guide

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FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Web App is now accessible for people who were invited to participate in early web start in FUT 17. Other people who are not invited, must wait until FIFA 17 is released.


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Click FIFA Web App Official Link to access the FUT 17 Web App. You will ask to login using your Origin account, after login, the system will recognized if your email address associated to your account has been invited for early access.


How To Setting up your FIFA 17 Ultimate Team


Security Question


You will first be required to enter your Security Question in order to confirm your identity and access the FIFA 17 Web App. If you have forgotten the answer to this we recommend using the 'Forgot Answer?' link provided.


Club Name


After successfully entering your Security Question, you will enter the FIFA 17 Web App and be presented with the 'Welcome back' screen. This is where you are required to choose your Club Name and Abbreviation in order to get started with FUT 17. There are also links below – 'What happened to my FUT 16 Club?' & 'What happened to my FIFA Points?'


Starter Pack


Starter Packs are similar to previous years, all non-rare items, with three Gold players, a couple of Silvers and the majority Bronze. Although these players are very basic to say the least, they will be the foundation of your FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Club.


Returning User Packs


If you are a returning user and have played FIFA Ultimate Team since a previous FIFA title, you will be rewarded! On this particular account we received '4x ALL PLAYERS PACKS'!


FUT 17 Store


After clicking continue you will find these packs in your FUT 17 Store. You are able to open each pack by hovering over it and clicking on them individually.


Daily Gifts


FUT Web App Daily Gifts are also available! On this occasion we only received a mere 500 FUT 17 Coins, however there are far better gifts that you have the chance to receive.


FUT 17 Web App will be accessible to public starting September 27.