FIFA 17 TOTW Cards Guide for FUT

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FIFA 17 TOTW cards are the most common In Form cards of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. Every week EA Sports selects 23 players (from initial 18 players)  of any category based on their good real performances on the previous week and joined them in a single team, which is called Team of the Week (TOTW) and you can play against them in the 'TOTW Challenge'. In this guide, you can know everything about TOTW, including the ratings and stats, the impact of the market and FAQ.


In this team, a player gets his TOTW cards in packs within a week, it is impossible to find his regular card there. Your odds of pulling a TOTW card from a pack are exactly the same of pulling the regular card of that player in another week. So if you want the improved version, the corresponding TOTW version in the market is needed when opening a pack in that week.


In FUT 17, 52 Team of the Week squads will be released in packs and about 1150 cards are included. The first TOTW is predicted for September 21 and the last one a year later (September 2017).  Each Team of the Week is announced at Wednesday at 3pm (UK time) and the cards are released in packs in the same day three hours later, at 6pm.


As for the ratings and stats boosts, it's usual that the ratings and attributes of TOTW cards are boosted in one or two points. The rating boost is always related to the most recent TOTW card, or eventually MOTM or Hero card without taking the player transfer and rating upgrade into consideration. However, the position of the players in these cards may change according to the excellent performance in a different positio in the previous week. The more recent is the card, the higher is its rating. And if a player made three assists in a single match for example, his passing stats would likely receive a significant upgrade.


In terms of TOTW cards rating, Bronze TOTW players will automatically receive an upgrade to 64, the maximum rating at this quality, although their regular card's rating is already 64. Silver players will generally receive upgrades between 70-74. It depends on their original rating. For Gold players, they will receive upgrades of around +3 or +2 if their original rating is between 75-78, and +1 if their regular rating is higher than 78. It's possible for particular rating to increase and change upon the condition of player's performance.


Of course, many people will be interested in buying IF cards when few IF cards are sold in the first hours after their release. During this period, the market price fluctuates greatly. And here I'd like to brief the situation.


First, fewer cards owned by some people appear on the market with high price, there are still many people who wish to have cards wanting to buy. With the time going, the price turns realistic. On the following day, the price drops slightly as more similar cards being on the market and the previously cheaper cards will no longer be available except in smaller amounts each time. 


Second, after the seventh day the In Form price to increase as IF cards no longer come from packs. The price varies according to the importance of the cards. The cheapest ones normally tend to follow devaluation and sold out as soon as posible. The ones that keep on being great alternatives for a squad become even rarer and for that they're more expensive. It is general that prices keep increasing until the end of the game.


Except for the above information, here are frequently asked questions listed below to help you grasp more information over cards.


How many players are selected for each TOTW? 18 or 23?


Initially, 18 players were chosen for each squad. Each TOTW usually has 23 players. However, when there are lack of quality players in activity, like during the Summer, Electronic Arts may select only 18 players.


It is possible to have two TOTW available at the same time?


No. TOTW never overlaps. As soon as the new one is released the old one is gone.


How long are FIFA 17 TOTW cards available in FIFA packs?


These IF players are available in packs for exactly one week. After this, they are replaced by their regular cards in packs again, and are still available via the FUT transfer market.


I hope all these can be helpful for you. By the way, the complete list of all FIFA 17 TOTW cards have not come yet. We will be updating if they become available.