FIFA 17 TOTT Squad Guide

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The FIFA Team of the Tournament, also known as TOTT,  is simply a collection of the best of these players released within the FIFA Ultimate Team game mode. However, since FIFA 16 all FUT TOTT players have been released as iMOTM (International Man of the Match) cards. These players are chosen by EA Sports FIFA based on real-life performances and awarded upgraded overall ratings and stats in FUT. In this guide, you can know everything you need about FIFA 17 TOTT (Team of the Tournament) cards.


After major tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euros, Copa América, and AFCON (Africa Cup of Nations), these squads are released. The TOTT is the final squad, containing all the best in-forms after a tournament. Historically, these squads have contained a combination of regular informs, orange MOTM (Man of the Match), and Record Breaker cards.  However, we've only seen a total of six of these squads released since the beginning of FIFA Ultimate Team so far squads are released for rare.


As 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup will be the only major international tournament to feature during the release of FIFA 17. It will be held in Russia from June 17th to July 2nd 2017, as a precursor to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Although EA Sports FIFA haven't previously recognised this tournament, it wouldn't be surprising if it shows in FUT 17 next summer. And the following nations will anticipate:


Russia (qualified as 2018 FIFA World Cup hosts)

Germany (qualified as 2014 FIFA World Cup winners)

Australia (qualified as 2015 AFC Asian Cup winners)

Chile (qualified as 2015 Copa América winners)

Mexico (qualified as 2015 CONCACAF Cup winners)

New Zealand (qualified as 2016 OFC Nations Cup winners)

Portugal (qualified as UEFA Euro 2016 winners)

TBD (winner of 2017 Africa Cup of Nations)


Basic information are offered. At the same time, here are also frequently asked questions provided to assist you.


What card types are included in FUT TOTT squads?


It can be seen a combination of different informs released throughout major international tournaments in previous versions of FIFA. However, since FIFA 16, EA Sports FIFA decided to simplify things by only releasing iMOTM (International Man of the Match) cards during these times.


I hope these information can be helpful for you. Of cousre we will add any FIFA 17 TOTT squads here if they become available!


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