FIFA 17 Squad Building Challenges Guide for FUT 17 Coins and Packs

u4fifa Date: Aug/25/16 11:01:27 Views: 37

A brand new feature-FIFA 17 Squad Building Challenges is in FUT 17! This game mode is one of six game modes in FUT 17, which including head to head, seasons, draft, champions and squad building challenges. Within this new game mode there will be many dynamic scenarios for users to complete, including Basic, Advanced, and League Challenges. Users can take part in FIFA 17 Squad Building Challenges on console, PC or the FIFA 17 Companion App. In this guide,we'll see how this new game mode will impact FUT 17 and go through the way to complete!


Start and Select a Challenge


When it's the first time for you to select FIFA 17 Squad Building Challenges a tutorial will appear to explain how to complete your first challenge group. Once this tutorial has been completed, there are three ways to play Squad Building Challenges: Basic, Advanced, and Leagues - which will be updated throughout the season. Bigger unlock rewards will be available when challenges are grouped together.


At launch, you'll need to select one of the many Challenges available to you to work towards completing. The example above is of an Advanced Challenge called "Two Nations". This Challenge requires you to build a starting XI of exactly two nationalities with a minimum chemistry of 60.


Build and Exchange


Building a team with items from the FUT Transfer Market and players you already have in your club, so that you can complete the requirements of a challenge. Each pack you open in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team items may contained to help you get closer to fulfilling certain challenge requirements and unlocking rewards.


Complete the Challenge


When a team you created fulfilling the requirements of a particular challenge, it's time to submit it and certain rewards will be available to you. Thinking carefully about which players you include in FIFA 17 Squad Building Challenges, because once you submit a challenge all players selected within that team will be forfeited. 


Certain FUT 17 Squad Building Challenges will be part of larger challenges called Groups. In Groups, completing a set of challenges unlocks additional group rewards.


When a Group challenge is completed, you will be rewarded with more in-game rewards. It's recommended aiming to complete these as the best rewards come from completing Groups can be expected!


Special Rewards


FUT 17 packs, FUT 17 coins and other unique items only can be found through squad building challenge, once you complete challenges and groups, all of them can be earned. Of course, unique items such as special players are only obtainable through these challenges.