FIFA 17 SBC Premier League Player of the Month: 83 Rated Heung Min Son

u4fifa Date: Oct/15/16 10:53:53 Views: 40

EA has released the Premier League player of the month squad where the 83 rated Heung Min Son from Spurs is right in. He looks awesome with 88 pace, 87 shooting and 84 dribbling the highlight skills. Now you can unlock it in the game even though it's untradeable. Of course, you have to finish the challenges, including Premier League, Korea Republic and 11 nations from October 14th to October 27th.


Challenge 1: Premier League 

The challenge needs a squad of 11 EPL players with at least players from Spurs, which is featuring the 100 percents chemistry and at least 82 team rating. After finishing the challenge, you can obtain 1x Premium Gold pack.


Challenge 2: Korea Republic

You need a squad of 11 Korea Republic players, which is aimed to reach minimum team rating 70 with 100 percents chemistry. The reward is 1x Premium Gold pack.


Challenge 3: 11 Nations

To complete the challenge, the 11 players from 11 nationalities from at least 2 leagues feature in. And the squad needs 6 players at most from same league with minimum 1 TOTW player to reach the team rating 78 or higher as well as the chemistry is 100.


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