FIFA 17 Release Date Prediction

u4fifa Date: May/12/16 12:01:32 Views: 30

Just like previous years, fans are eager to know what new changes will they get to see when FIFA 17 gets released in 2016. There's always a big hype about the release date of the latest FIFA version and why not? Everyone loves football.


This video game of football is one of the most popular games of all times and it's availability on different platforms like PC, Xbox, Xbox 360, etc. makes it more dynamic.


Regarding the release date of FIFA 17, the game comes around the end of September every year, as the history says it. However, there's not any official information from EA Sports regarding the confirmation of the new version.


What we've heard until now is that FIFA started the making of FIFA 17 back in the mid-2015 and the game should drop anytime in September this year.


When will FIFA 17 release this year then?


Here we've analyzed the release dates of past five versions of the video game to come up with our own prediction:


FIFA 16 release date: September 22, 2015

FIFA 15 release date: September 23, 2014

FIFA 14 release date: September 23, 2013

FIFA 13 release date: September 25, 2012

FIFA 12 release date: September 27, 2011


Looking at the trends, we've come to know that almost all versions of FIFA come around after September 20th. It also differs by some days for the different location. For example, FIFA 16 was released in the US on September 22nd while it was released a day after in the UK.


Considering the release dates in the US only, we expect FIFA 17 release date to be September 23, 2016.