FIFA 17 New Marquee Matchups Squad Building Challenges

u4fifa Date: Oct/30/16 01:23:45 Views: 52

There is a new set for the newest Marquee Matchups squad building challenges, including Dortmund v Schalke, Spartak Moscow v Cska, Oralando Pirates v Chiefs, Birmingham v Aston Villa. After completing the challenges, you will receive rewards.


Challenge 1: Dortmund v Schalke

For this challenge, among 11 players from 11 nations, there are at least 2 Dortmund and Schalke players separately. It is aimed to reach the minimum chemistry 95. After finishing it, you will gain 1x Premium Gold Pack.


FIFA 17 squad builder Dortmund v Schalke


Challenge 2: Spartak Moscow v CSKA

You need exactly 11 gold players, among which are 7 Russia players, at least Spartak Moscow and CSKA players respectively. The team is intent to reach 100 chemistry. The reward for the challenge is 1x Gold Players Pack.


FIFA 17 squad builder Spartak Moscow v CSKA


Challenge 3: Orlando Pirates v Chiefs

After finishing the challenge, you will gain 1x Gold Pack. The challenge needs you prepare at least one Orlando Pirates player and one Chiefs player. The squad is set to reach at least 74 team rating with the exactly 100 chemistry.


FIFA 17 squad builder Orlando Pirates v Chiefs


Challenge 4: Birmingham v Aston Villa

In order to finish the challenge, you need at least 2 Birmingham and Aston Villa players separately among 11 players in the squad. These players are most from at least 8 different nations. The squad should reach at least 76 team rating and 95 chemistry. Once you've completed, 1x Premium Gold Pack and 1K FIFA coins can be earned.


FIFA 17 squad builder Birmingham v Aston Villa


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