FIFA 17 MLS MVP Squad Builder Challenge

u4fifa Date: Dec/06/16 21:21:58 Views: 141

As you may know another POTY card is released, that is David Villa from MLS. Also the stats of this card are increased with 84 rating. You are able to get an untradeable Award Winner version of David Villa when you have completed MLS MVP SBC. This POTY card will be available from Tuesday this week to Next Monday.



This challenge requires you a 11-player squad of Major League Soccer. These players must be from 11 different nations. The squad is set to get at least 76 team rating with 100 chemistry. 


FIFA 17 MLS MVP squad 1


FIFA 17 MLS MVP squad 2


You can take above as examples. As for the first example, you need to get the loyalty. So have you finished the challenge and get the Award Winner version of David Villa? Hope you can finish and get the reward. By the way, except the news oa guide we provide you. FIFA 17 coins are also cheap to get. As mentioned before, the discount code is available on our facebook, follow to get!