FIFA 17 Market Crash Player Prices Guide

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It is obvious that game players care about player prices drop recently, and when to sell players cards once market crash happens. The market crash is the decline in price of players and consumable cards on transfer market for a period. So here is the information about market crash and when the price to drop(prediction).


It hard to predict the price of player cards, but it is usual to guess according to the trend of the recent events(like Black Friday, Cyber Monday,etc). And also the EA's promotion has influence on player cards prices. For example, EA has announced a ultimate scream event, during the event, the price dropped by some percents. For the reason why price would change. We all know that, under the same demand when the supply increases, then the price would drop; when the supply is less, the price will increase. The price depends on the relation of the demand and supply. That's the element that market crash will happen. As it is mentioned above, some events will have impact on the price. Let's check the events that will effect below.


FIFA 17 Market Crash


Here Halloween is not mentioned, as you may know the price fluctuated during the event.


FUT United: Previously the influence of the promotion to the market is huge. Typically the price will fall once it has been released. Its first release is in November, 2016, the second release will be in February, 2017. Although the price maintains in the following days, then Black Friday will come and there is no time for market to recover.


Black Friday: The release date of the event this year is November 25th(Friday). The influence of the event to the market crash is not as huge as the influence of FUT United. The price will fall largely before the event is released. The best time to buy is the day before Black Friday(Thursday).


Cyber Monday: It takes place every year in December, on the Monday after the Black Friday, and it is one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. Just like it happens with the FIFA Black Friday, EA do not miss this chance to boost their sales and releases in this day a variety of offers and promotions for the FIFA Ultimate Team community. In fact, the FIFA Cyber Monday is a less popular extension of the Black Friday.


FUTmas: For the event, there will be free packs and the Jumbo Rare Players packs. Of course, the price will also fall mostly. The devaluation happens about two weeks before, and then after the start of FUTmas, prices tend to generally rise. What you should remember that you should buy the cards as the price is rising. Then you should wait the price to fall. 


Of course, those are basic events that will effect the market, while the TOTY, Community week will also have impacts. What you need to do is to pay close attention to the fluctuation of the player price on FUT transfer market and then to seek a proper time to sell or buy.


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