FIFA 17 Luna New Year Promotion Guide

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We know that EA won't let a chance go that they can make money. For the potential Chinese market, there is a promotion for Chines new year. At that time, there will be packs released and theme-featured SBC's as usual. In this page you will know the basic information of the promotion.


The Luna New Year promotion started in FUT 12 to celebrate Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year usually takes place in the late January or the early Feburary. For this year, Chinese New Year is on January 28th (Spring Festival starts). And in China, each year is related to a kind of animal and this year is the rooster. According to the previous release date and Chinese New Year's date, the promotion is predicted to start from January 28th until February 2nd


It is the same that there will be lightning rounds with limited time, FUT packs, especially there will be featured Squad Building Challenges. Complete the challenges the and get the rewards. In addition, game players will earn the Luna New Year home kit (shown in the below). Of course, EA will releveal the details on that day. We will update timely.


Luna new year kit


There are also some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) listed below.

Q: Can I make money during the promotion?

A: Yes, you can. SBC's will include requirements, that you can stock up players as there might be a high demand for them. So it might be a good chance to make money.


Q: Will Inform Cards be available for the Luna New Year Promotion?

A: Yes, there would probably be TOTW cards ready for you to find them in FUT packs.


Q: Will there be special items in FUT packs?

A: No. There are just normal promotional packs with a new design.


Hope you can get useful information. We will keep updating once EA has revealed the details. Keep an eye on our website, where is a professional place to get fifa 17 coins cheap. Any questions you can ask for customer service. Have a nice day.