FIFA 17 Hybrid Nations Squad Builder Challenges

u4fifa Date: Oct/31/16 11:41:43 Views: 43

The latest Hybrid Nations squad building challenges (SBC) are ready for players to complete. There are four challenges: Quad, Sixes, Crazy Eights and Ten Nations. After finishing all these challenges, you will gain Gold Players Premium Pack x 1 and 5,000 Coins.


FIFA 17 Hybrid Nations


Challenge 1: Quad

For this challenge, among the 11-player squad from 4 different nations, there are at least 4 rare players, max 4 players from the same nation. The minimum team rating and chemistry should be reached 77 and 70 respectively. Once you've completed the challenge, you will gain Gold Players Premium Pack x 1.


Challenge 2: Sixes

The challenge is to exchange a squad made up of six nations with six rare players. At the same time, max 2 players from the same nation. The squad is to reach at least 79 team rating and 80 chemistry. The reward is Prime Gold Players Pack x 1.


Challenge 3: Crazy Eights

This challenge requires at least 8 rare players, max 3 players from the same nation among the squad from the exact 8 nations. It is set to reach the minimum 68 team rating and 88 chemistry. After finishing the challenge, the rewards Two Rare Gold Players Pack x 1 & 2,000 Coins are earned to you.


Challenge 4: Ten Nations

For the challenge, you need 11 gold players from the exact 10 nations to reach the 100 team chemistry. It seems easy to finish. After you complete the challenge, you will obtain Gold Players Premium Pack x 1.


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