FIFA 17 How to Defend Better with Interception Tips

u4fifa Date: Oct/28/16 22:38:23 Views: 117

Mastering the whole patch is important when you are playing the game. One of ways is ball possession, so here are interception tips with other several tips to help you defend better.


Interception Tips

Interceptions are difficult to complete, but once you've completed successfully, you can stop your opponents' attck and you turn into the offensive part. There are several instances to explain how to intercept.


1. If you want to be really good at intercepting, you have to keep track of your player, including positioning, speed, and stamina; your defensive line; and of course, your opponents; the open space that can be dribbled into, etc.  Paying to attention to the attacker's movement and following along with their playstyle, you'll be able to intercept them.


2. When your opponents are attcking with only a few players, it's easy for you to figure out where the ball will go next. As soon as the midfielder starts to pass down and the striker starts his run, you can react to what is happening. Initially, interceptions may be a matter of luck, but it will be done easily gradually. So when your opponents are attcking with just a few players, try to visualize where play is going to end up. Usually the ball goes to a striker or out wide, depending on the circumstance. If your team's defensive line is in place and grouped as they should be, you can use your midfielders to cut out passes in situations like this. Don't pull out your defender, it'll create space that the attacker can use.


3. Always help out your defenders when it comes to interceptions. Put your CBs and FBs into first consideration, you gotta take bullets for them and watch them pee for safety reasons.


Once you have a lot of practice and get used to interceptions, you will figure out your opponents' attck quicker. But the interceptions are great for suddenly stopping attacks and transitioning play. If you use improper players, which will ruin your play. It's better to use your midfielders and attackers to intercept, never use your back line because it'll create a bunch of space.


Except the interceptions tips, there are also other tips to help you in defense. 


1. Tactical defending (Holding A) is nerfed. Defenders don't seem to mark as well as they used to. Leading for very easy dribbling and skilling around them. Learn to track plays and don't commit into risky tackles. Use Midfielders to track back instead of pulling CB's out of position. Cut passing lanes. Clear balls in the box instead of trying to pass out with CB's. 


2. Use midfielders, stay goal side, instead of rushing in try to hold back and cut passing lines, and use physical players in midfield.


The most important things for game players are the knowledge about the players, how to use the right players, tactics, and of course, lot of practice. What's your thoughts about the defending tips? By the way, coins are needed in the game. So our website make a big promotion to sell you cheapest FIFA 17 coins on Halloween. Only for our loyal customers, up to 15% discount code is given from us. Particularly, 5% coupon code "halloween" is also given out. If it's the first time for you to buy our products, the products you buy worth over $20 can get you discount.