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FIFA 17: FUT Champions Weekend League Guide

By Administrator, 10/08/2016

FUT Champions is the all-new way to compete in FIFA 17 on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Each week, qualify for the Weekend League and compete for in-game rewards. Consistently showcase your skill and climb the Monthly Leaderboards to earn in-game rewards and the opportunity to take your game to the world stage.


Many game players are puzzled about the Weekend League, here is a short guide to solve your puzzles. Of course, there are already something revealed by EA.


When the weekend begins, the clock starts for FUT Champions. You can compete to win as many games as you can from a set number of matches and push for higher tiers and bigger in-game rewards. From Bronze to Elite, everyone who competes in the Weekend League has a chance to earn in-game rewards to help build their club for the next competition.


The Weekend League gives you 40 matches to earn as many points as possible to climb the ranks. You don't need to come out on top of the pile to win something, but just like FUT Draft the higher you climb, the better the rewards will be.


Before you start, you must be qualified for the Weekend League. There are two ways to help you with it. There are online FIFA Ultimate Team Tournaments in FUT Champions, so the first way you have to do is to win the daily knockout tournament, which rewards you. Thus you gain the acess to the Weekend League. The second way is to reach division 1 season. 


There are 3 weeks, and no requirements for week 1 and week 2. The weeks generally open on Friday, 5pm (PT) and Saturday, 1am (UK time), end on Sunday, 5pm (PT) and Monday, 1am (UK time) from Septem 30th to October 17th. Of course, you'll gain Weekend League rewards. The below is a list with details:


Rank 1: 250,000 coins/1 x Ultimate TOTW pack/4 x Jumbo Rare Players packs


Rank 2 - 10: 200,000 coins/1 x Ultimate TOTW pack/4 x Jumbo Rare Players packs


Rank 11 -25: 150,000 coins/1 x Ultimate TOTW pack/4 x Jumbo Rare Players packs


Rank 26 -50: 150,000 coins/1 x Ultimate TOTW pack/3 x Jumbo Rare Players packs


Rank 51 -75: 125,000 coins/1 x Ultimate TOTW pack/3 x Jumbo Rare Players packs


Rank 76 -100: 125,000 coins/1 x Ultimate TOTW pack/2 x Jumbo Rare Players packs


Elite 1 (36 wins): 125,000 coins/2 x Premium TOTW packs/2 x Jumbo Rare Players packs


Elite 2 (33-35 wins): 100,000 coins/1 x Premium TOTW pack/1 x Jumbo Rare Players pack


Elite 3 (30-32 wins): 70,000 coins/1 x Premium TOTW pack/1 x Jumbo Rare Players pack


Gold 1 (26-29 wins): 50,000 coins/2 x Jumbo Rare Players packs


Gold 2 (22-25 wins): 45,000 coins/1 x Rare Gold pack/2 x Rare Mega packs


Gold 3 (18-21 wins): 30,000 coins/2 x Mega packs/1 x Rare Players pack


Silver 1 (14-17 wins): 20,000 coins/1 x Jumbo Premium Gold Players pack/1 x Mega pack


Silver 2 (11-13 wins): 15,000 coins/1 x Mega pack/1 x Rare Gold pack


Silver 3 (8-10 wins): 10,000 coins/1 x Premium Gold Players pack/2 x Jumbo Premium Gold pack


Bronze 1 (5-7 wins): 7,500 coins/1 x Premium Gold Players pack


Bronze 2 (2-4 wins): 3,000 coins/2 x Premium Gold packs


Bronze 3 (1 win): 1,000 coins/2 x Gold pack


Are you qualified for the Weekend League? Not having enough coins? Don't worry, we have FIFA 17 coins for FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. Come and get!


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