FIFA 17 FUT Champions Monthly Rewards and Qualification

u4fifa Date: Nov/03/16 10:44:25 Views: 95

EA have updated FIFA 17 FUT Champions Monthly Rewards for Ultimate Team (Weekend League) this week. To get the rewards, you must be qualified.


In order to get the rewards, EA confirmed that those who will have Gold 3 or above in rank will be automatically qualified for the next weekend league. FUT Champions Monthly Rewards are shown in below image.


FIFA 17 FUT Champions


You can also see FIFA 17 FUT Champions Rewards.


For people who are not qulified to the Weekend League, there are three ways that you can get into. First, you may know the Daily Knockouts. These new tournaments expire in 24 hours and have different rewards and requirements. If you want to qualify, you will need to win four consecutive games in one of these Daily Knockouts of the previous week. Second, online FUT seasons. All you need to do is to play at least one season in the previous week. You will be qualified under 3 conditions: promoted from division 2 to division 1; hold on the division 1; won the division 1 title. Last is weekend league. Electronic Arts decided that, starting in November, the best FUT Champions players don't have to qualify to play the Weekend League. That means you will be qualified if in the previous Weekend League you reached any of these tiers: Gold 3, Gold 2, Gold 1, Elite 3, Elite 2 and Elite 1.


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