FIFA 17 Formations Guide: How to Choose the Best Formation

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Formation is important when you're playing on FIFA 17. Here in this page, we'll introduce some information with analysis to help you choose the best formation.


There are 25 formations on FIFA 17. Before you choose a formation, think something in advance. What formations you are interested, take the players' strength and weakness into consideration and then choose a formation which fits your playing style and your chosen players. Let's check some common and popular formations below.


3-4-3 Formation

On FIFA 17 if you try and use the system, the opposition may drop deeper and it becomes nearly impossible to get in behind. You will need plenty of movement out wide, and a big, powerful striker who can head the ball. That means this formation uses a LW and RW to offer more opportunities to go forward. But the middle part will be weak. It is recommanded to purchase a LM and RM with high defensive work rates to support the 3 CBs.


3-5-2 Formation

In the 3-5-2 formation, the central midfielders will often run beyond the strikers, as the forwards often need to create the width, which is very difficult for the opponent to handle. You will need at least one pacey striker up top (Paulo Dybala), and your wide players will need serious stamina. The one worry is that sides in a 4-3-3 could get the round the back of your defence regularly.


4-2-3-1 Formation 

This is the most common formation. 4-2-3-1 is such a reliable system on FIFA 17 as it is incredibly well-balanced, with the likes of Arsenal, France and Germany still championing it. The key area is that holding midfield partnership, as one of them will be needed to perform the box-to-box role. But the lack of wide players may allow the opponent to push their full back forward and create crossing opportunities.


4-1-2-1-2 Formation

The 4-1-2-1-2 is very well balanced with a holding (CDM) and attacking (CAM) midfielder. The balance comes from the fact that there is a CDM in front of the 2 CBs to help out defensively and a CAM behind the 2 ST's to help create attacking opportunities. This formation also offers width with a LM and RM. It seems it is easier for opponent to keep possession in this area. 


4-3-3 Formation (widely used and favorite formation by the players)

The 4-3-3 is widely used in world football and one of the favourite FIFA 17 Formations for many FUT 17 users. This formation utilises wingers and allows them to play right up close to the touchline. The 4-3-3 is fantastic for those players who prefer to make use of crossing the ball from these positions. If you like to play wide and spread the ball then this formation should work well with your style of play. But this formation puts much pressure on wingers. And also 4-3-3 "hold" information is also the one you have to use.


5-2-2-1 Formation

A popular formation with FUT Draft users, the 5-2-2-1 is fantastic at making the most of the width of the pitch. The wing backs don't need exceptionally high stamina for this to work, as both wingers will do the flank work when going forward. This shape generally works well against narrow formations, as they tend to struggle to close down your wide players quick enough. However, possession based teams can play through the middle with quick passing.


Of course. above mentioned is widely used or popular one. Perhaps some are not mentioned. Any formation you think is effective for you, you can share with us. Want cheap coins for saving money? Choose us the cheapest FIFA 17 coins stocker. You can get "ALL-V2SVW" coupon code from us that you can get 5% discount. Our coupon code changes every month. If the coupon code doesn't work when you order, you can consult our customer service.