FIFA 17 False 9 Formation Guide for Ultimate Team

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As it is known that "False 9" formation is the 4-3-3 (5) formation, which is one of the best and popular formation for possession. The False 9 is incredibly possession oriented and requires that you have the capability to keep the ball. That means you have the ability to control the game easily. Here is a guide about this formation and players suggested in the formation.


This formation doesn't actually use a striker, instead it utilises a CF. The CF is required to play deeper than a conventional striker and become more involved in the play in the final third. The great thing about this formation is that there will always be a player nearby to pass it to. Relying on quick short passes and clever dribbles to dominate possession, the formation creates free flowing, quick possession football, stretching and frustrating the opponents team, retaining the ball and waiting for the perfect opportunity to create a goal scoring chance.


Although this formation can be devastating on the counter due to it's front 3, playing patiently will get the best results out of the formation and the players it is designed for. Because without conventional striker, scoring goals may be more difficult, so you need to be patient.


Now the following are suggested players to use in the formation.


As for the keepers, some game players may rely on the chemistry to choose, the 83+rating players is suggested. Neuer, De Gea, Cech are the best options. If you want to work out the effective results with cheap players, you might choose Hart, Consigli, Fahrmann. 


There are a few ways you can choose the full backs. 80+ pace is always good, make sure they have 80+ stamina too. Important stats are Stamina, Pace, Short passing, Stand tackle, Interceptions and Dribbling. The best options for offense and all round are Ricardo Rodriguez, Florenzi and Coleman, De Marcos. 


As the CBs need more time to get the ball, so the ball control and passing is needed for players. Thiago Silva, Boateng, etc are the best choice. And you can rather choose Luiz, Naldo and so on. It would be your choice. 


The CDM is the important force of the team. 80+ stamina is definitely needed, as they will be covering a lot of space on the pitch. This is the position where pace matters the least, so find someone who can distribute the ball, pass into space and dribble when needed. So here Matic, Busquets, Krychowiak, etc are suggested.


For CMs, It is important that you feel comfortable with your centre mids on the ball. In terms of pairings, there are a few that work the best: A box to box and an offensive playmaker; Two offensive playmakers; A deep lying playmaker and an offensive playmaker.


It is arguable to say Wingers are the most offensive players on the team. As they need to be able to do a lot, just ensure that all their offensive stats are good. You can refer to high Pace, Stamina and Dribbling. 4 star skills.  Messi, Ronaldo, Bale, Neymar, Hazard, Douglas Costa etc are the best choices. The cheap and effective players are Sterling, Shaqiri, Salah, and so on.


CF is the man who completes the team, allowing it to play free flowing football and linking up play everywhere in the higher end of the pitch. Try and pick the best player possible, as they will get the best results. Muller, Suarez, Ibrahimovic, Dybala and so on are recommanded as the best. If you want to work out the effective results with cheap players, players like Coutinho, Ben Yedder, etc are suggested.


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