FIFA 17 Cover Vote Starts Today

u4fifa Date: Jul/07/16 16:21:17 Views: 34

Lionel Messi has been FIFA's main cover star for four years, but this time, the box won't feature him at all. FIFA 17's cover vote begins today, giving you four options to choose from: Manchester United's Anthony Martial, Real Madrid's James Rodriguez, Chelsea's Eden Hazard, and Borussia Dortmund's Marco Reus.


You have the option of voting for one of four footballers for this year's FIFA cover.


There are several ways you can vote for a cover athlete. You can start by going to the official website, where you'll be able to choose which of the four soccer players should grace FIFA 17's box art. Once you've chosen who you want to vote for, you can then earn extra votes by sharing your vote on social media. Additionally, you can earn FIFA Ultimate Team items and card packs as you get more votes.


"James, Martial, Hazard, and Reus represent exciting, attacking football and epitomize the innovative play that fans can expect in FIFA 17," EA Sports senior producer Nick Channon said. "We're excited to see fans rally around their favorite players and see who they select as the cover star for the franchise and the footballer who will represent FIFA 17 globally."


The vote lasts until July 19, while a winner will be revealed later in the month.