FIFA 17 Could See Messi Replaced as Cover Star

u4fifa Date: May/12/16 09:29:26 Views: 35

With each year we see a new release of FIFA with Lionel Messi on the cover. It looks like this may be changing in 2016 though unless the contract is renewed with the Barcelona player.


According to a news report on the LEquipe website the contract between EA Sports and Lionel Messi has come to an end. What this means is that the space once taken up by the football player on the front cover of the game will now be vacant unless a deal is done.


The news item also states that a replacement for Messi is already being looked at for FIFA 17. Players such as Neymar are an option, though he appears on the PES 2016 cover. Other choices will include players such as Cristiano Ronaldo. What EA Sports will obviously do though is to look at what players are popular and pick from there. That would include players such as James Rodriguez who appears to already be seen as a choice by some.


FIFA 16 marketing on the build up to the next release will focus on the cover stars of the game, as we see every year. We'll get to see who will feature on FIFA 17's cover as the hype starts to build up, but at this time of year we are likely to be kept waiting.


For now, we'll no doubt hear rumours of who the cover star will be, and if Messi has been chosen again. Until then though there will be plenty of other players to choose from.


Who do you think should be in FIFA 17 Cover?