FIFA 17 Companion App Updated to Improve Experience

u4fifa Date: Dec/07/16 23:06:06 Views: 27

Some game players complain that FIFA 17 companion app is not working. And now for this time, EA has made some improvements to give you better SBC experience. Let's check what's new in the app.


FIFA 17 Companion App Update 

  • Added Coin Price Paid on all items in the app
  • Made it easier to get back into SBC when doing a Transfer Market Search
  • Removed the Loyalty Bonus from Concept Players in SBC for more accurate Chemistry
  • Added support for multiple combinations of Clubs, Leagues, Nationalities, and Qualities in SBC
  • Updated Player Name Search for improved accuracy


You can also see the new contents in the below image that EA got to say.


FIFA 17 Companion app update


So what do you think of? Most players feel happy to have these improvements. They say it's a good time that EA updated this. Then some people feel EA still needs improvements, like "make it more convenient and allow sbc's to be completed on the web app." Of course, any questions about FIFA 17 can be reflected to EA and they will make adjustments. 


As Christmas is approaching, and it appears that EA updated the companion app squad screen with snow. Some people may guess if it is a sign that 17 days of FIFA offers will start tomorrow. It is just a speculation and we don't know the certain release date. If you still don't know what is "17 days of FIFA ", you can check on our website.


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I guess you will expect the coming offers. By the way, our website do have promotions for the upcoming Christmas, that means you can get cheapest FIFA 17 coins on that day! Stay tuned.