FIFA 17 Cheap "No Keeper" Squad Building Challenge

u4fifa Date: Oct/19/16 10:42:53 Views: 30

The "No Keeper" squad building challenge is live now and you have to finish it from October 18th - 20th. Players reflects it is easy to finish this challenge, indeed it is easy!In order to complete the challenge, you are required 10 gold players from 4 leagues and 5 nations. Among these 10 players, 3 more players from the same nation. You need to reach at least 75 team chemistry. After finishing the challenge, you'll gain 1x Gold Players Premium pack.


Below are squads I do according to youtuber bateson87 and Noah - TheNobleCrew.


This squad without keeper only reaches 66 chemistry, but some players suggested to play games to get loyalty.


Do you complete this squad as it is easy to do? Do you get your wanted players after finishing the challenge? Some players say they get their favorite players. Wish you good luck. By the way, if you do not have enough coins for the game, we can offer you cheapest price for FIFA 17 coins. With coupon code "ALL-V2SVW", you will get 5% off !