FIFA 17 Carryover Transfer Guide

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Many players have plans to buy FIFA 17 but they never thought about what's carried over from FIFA 16 to FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. They should do it and as soon as possible. For those, this guide may be very disappointing. Read our FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Carryover Transfer Guide to avoid unpleasant surprises and unnecessary spending. Prepare yourself properly for the new FUT.


Transferable Items


You can transfer from console to console, but you'll only keep what's linked to your Origin account (FCC and XP). You can transfer the other items listed below when doing so from the same console.


FIFA Points


Perhaps the most significant one-time FIFA 17 carryover item. FIFA Points are a form of alternative in-game currency to coins and enable you to purchase FUT packs in the store or enter FUT Drafts (300 points). You cannot directly purchase cards on the transfer market with points. EA do not sell coins, they sell FIFA points. You will not be able to transfer FIFA points during the FIFA 17 Web App Webstart period. However, you will be able to make the transfer during early access if you have an EA or Origin Access membership.


Please note that FIFA 17 EA Access and Origin Access members receive a 10% discount on FIFA Points prices listed below.


100 = £0.79

250 = £1.99

500 = £3.99

750 = £5.99

1,050 = £7.99

1,600 = £11.99

2,200 = £15.99

4,600 = £31.99

12,000 = £79.99


XP Level


Every time you earn XP, you gradually build up your levelling bar until you reach a new level. This is shown in the top right of your screen on your chosen platform. This information does not display on the FUT Web App. Each XP level, otherwise known at EAS FC level, becomes gradually more difficult to obtain as you need to earn more XP for each level. There is a current daily XP cap of 2,000. Once you unlock a level, you'll never lose it within your account. It will transfer over to new FIFA titles, such as FIFA 16 to FIFA 17. Your XP level is basically your experience level within FIFA and is shown to all your friends within EA Sports Football Club. The higher your XP level, the more you are able to unlock in the EA Sports Football Club (EAS FC) store / catalogue.


Football Club Credits


You can use your Football Club Credits (FCC) to purchase items in the EAS FC Catalogue. Football Club Credits accumulate the same way XP is collected. The credits are displayed in the top right, to the left of your XP level and levelling bar. Unless these bronze looking coins are spent, they remain in your account for future FIFA titles. It's important you have enough FCC to purchase key items at the start of FUT 17. These items include coin boosts, increasing transfer list and transfer targets size etc.


Pro Clubs Badge & Player Appearance


Your pro clubs badge doesn't do anything as such other than to show when you started your pro club. Player appearance just gives you the option for your virtual pro to look the same as previous, however this may not apply due to the transition of a new FIFA 17 Frostbite Engine.


Established Date


Whether you are a FUT Founder, or your club was established this time last year, your established date will remain the same in FIFA 17. FUT Founders are those that started playing FIFA Ultimate Team during FIFA 09, shortly after the release.


FUT Club Name


You will get the option to keep or change your FUT Club Name. If you change your mind half way through FIFA 17, we're assuming you can complete a manager task or use a one-time catalogue item.


Xbox Achievements and PSN Trophies


You will keep your achievements and trophies accrued from FIFA 16 on your Xbox Live and/or PSN account, but there will be a completely new set for FIFA 17.


Non-transferable Items




Unfortunately FIFA 17 carryover items do not include coins. Very frustrating for those that have stockpiled millions towards the end of FIFA 16, but why not? If users could transfer coins from FIFA 16 to FIFA 17 then it would cause massive fluctuations in the market. The FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Transfer Market will be its own economy, where the supply and demand for coins and cards dictate prices. The ability to transfer FIFA 16 coins to FIFA 17 would therefore create an unfair playing field. EA carefully control the market throughout the year to ensure there isn't prolonged periods unrealistic inflation or deflation. We suggest you take your trading knowledge and really use it to your advantage during FIFA 17 webstart, that's our plan anyway.


Players, Staff, Club Items and Consumables


Players (including loans), staff, club items and consumables will not be FIFA 17 carryover items. Unfortunately these would also give an unfair advantage and would cause chaos on the transfer market. That being said, you will still be able to create a squad of players from your previous FUT clubs and share them with your friends. This feature is called ‘Generations'. Unfortunately you cannot play FIFA 17 with your old squad in any game mode.


Current Division, Record and Leaderboard


Your hard effort to get to division one, along with your record and leaderboard status will be wiped for FIFA 17. For many of you, that may be very much welcomed, especially with the pretty much confirmed rumours circulating of the FIFA 16 Chemistry glitch. This glitch basically rendered all non day one cards irrelevant as they were not receiving full chemistry. We're assuming somewhere around 4/5 chem as that's their default. This results in in-forms, transfers and upgrades not performing as well as their stats suggest and also to that of their lower rated counterparts. This may have lost you quite a few games, damaging that pristine record you once had. We're in no doubt that this will be fixed for FIFA 17, but definitely shouldn't have gone unnoticed in the first place.


EA Sports Football Club Catalogue Items


We're saving our FC credits from now as the items you purchase in the catalogue do not transfer over to FIFA 17. As previously mentioned there will be key items available in the catalogue that will help catapult your FUT 17 journey.


We'll keep the details below updated, more details will emerge in the coming weeks.