FIFA 17 Career Mode Preview

u4fifa Date: Aug/13/16 08:44:20 Views: 38

While a good deal of the buzz about EA Sport's upcoming FIFA game is on its pioneering story mode, EA Sports hasn't let the FIFA 17 career mode fall by the wayside. The company just posted a new page to FIFPlay talking about the game mode, where you'll be able to manage a football team of your very own.


According to the page, you'll be able to exert greater control over your team's season than ever before. This includes doing everything from hiring or firing players, to participating in the J-League (the Japanese professional football league), and even have your fully-rendered manager avatar roaming the sidelines during games.


In addition to all of that, the FIFA 17 career mode has ensured that every team has their own sort of personality. You'll have to balance that personality with managing your team well if you want to succeed.


You will also have to keep in mind the five different aspects of your team's board: Domestic success (that is, within your own country), continental success (across Europe), brand exposure (sell that merch!), finances (the fruits of selling that merch) and youth development, making sure your younger players can do well.


Promoting youth players, expanding your brand to Asia, and much more can help you become a well-liked manager for your team, as you complete objectives that the game will assign you.


You'll also have to deal with your Club Worth in the FIFA 17 career mode. This is a readout of how much money your club has, which has various different sources of income and various avenues of expense. This includes income from transfers, loans, match-day revenue, media, merchandising, and more. You'll also be keeping an eye on the wages of your talent scouts, youth facilities, stadium maintenance, and travel.


You'll also be able to choose from one of eleven different Frostbite engine-rendered managers to play you as you manage your team.


My review:


After reading through this article, I am yet again left disappointed with the lack of effort put into Career Mode by EA. They have seemingly added in features that no one asked for to yet again cover the cracks left by the numerous problems on career mode that EA just can't seem to bring themselves to address. 


If anyone who see's this could check out my article on the SIMPLE but EFFECTIVE changes EA could make to Career Mode, it would be much appreciated:


For me, it is not the lack of features in Career Mode that annoys me (because, lets face it, there never has been and we've still enjoyed it on most FIFA games), but it's the lack of AUTHENTICITY! Stupid transfers (such as Ronaldo to Arsenal as mentioned above) have the power to completely ruin your career mode. Not to mention Real Madrid won't replace Ronaldo with their £60 million either, but will bring in a 70 rated youth player and gradually, over time, Real Madrid will repeat this process with all their star players and will be left with a squad of 75 rated players, sitting in 8th in La Liga. One of the giants of football will become a minnow, because the FIFA transfer engine doesn't know how to run a club, even though it really isn't that hard to fix. When you sell a top player, you buy a top player with your money - simple!


The transfer issues on top of the diabolic CPU gameplay has made FIFA 16 one of the worst Career Mode experiences in FIFA history. Look at my article and you may realize just how unauthentic FIFA 16 Career Mode is. We can't allow this same experience to be released in FIFA 17.