FIFA 17 Best Goals of the Year Narrated by Ray Hudson

u4fifa Date: Dec/23/16 11:30:51 Views: 34

Have you scored the best goals? Before EA has selected best goals of the week from community for several times. Check below to see the 5 rounds of Goals of the Week!


fifa 17 goals of the week


FIFA 17 Goals of the Week

FIFA 17 Goals of the Week 1

FIFA 17 Goals of the Week 2

FIFA 17 Goals of the Week 3

FIFA 17 Goals of the Week 4

FIFA 17 Goals of the Week 5

Want to show your best goals? Send your recording to EA will be ok. The Goals of the Week will be displayed EA Sports FIFA Youtube channel.


What do you think of your scoring skills? Then take a look at the below compilation of the best goals of this year and reconsider about it.



As you can see, this time EA tapped the nice commentator Ray Hudson to narrate the best goals of the year, from scorpion kicks, to impossible free kicks, to tiki taka genius. And game players think it is incredible! His commentary is totally impressive. There are some absolute crackers, from Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Pogba, The Journey's Alex Hunter and Newcastle's Matt Ritchie. Some of these calls are incredible:


"He's in his gunslinger pose, but what's he got in the chamber? Ahhhh, it's a silver bullet that hits the bullseye."


"He sees his teammates. He needs them like a fish needs a bicycle."


"He's in the box, twisting and turning like a drunk snake, turning defenders into practice cones."


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