FIFA 17: "A Major Step Forward" in Personality, Immersion and Competition

u4fifa Date: May/13/16 09:55:09 Views: 35

EA have not officially revealed the FIFA 17 details, but FIFA 17 will take a "major leap forward in personalization, immersion and competition", CEO Andrew Wilson has said.


Wilson teased this year's game during EA's Q4 earnings call last night, explaining that FIFA 17, Madden NFL 17 and NHL 17, will each take steps forward in the three areas, and confirming that they're all due to arrive during the firm's second quarter, which runs between July-September.


As with earlier games in the series, you should probably expect FIFA 17 to release somewhere in September.


A reveal date for FIFA 17 is still somewhat of a mystery, though. The first details on last year's game were revealed on May 28, 2015, meaning you should probably expect something fairly soon.


The game will likely be shown at EA's E3 event EA Play next month, too.