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FIFA 16 Top 15 Players and Their Images in the Game

By Administrator, 05/09/2016

FIFA Series is the best football game in the world. And we've had a look through the highest-rated 15 players in the game to see how they match up to their real life counterparts. Begin the great judgment:


1. Lionel Messi, Barcelona


Fifa rating: 94

No surprise that Lionel Messi is the best player on Fifa 16, given that he's on the box every year, and no surprise that he looks close-to-indistinguishable from the real thing. Even the tattoos, look! Hats off to all involved. Especially Lionel, who can retire happy with his rating of 94. One to tell the granchildren about.

Likeness verdict: 8/10


2. Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid


Fifa rating: 93 

In Fifa 16 Ronaldo stands like this all the time. He refuses to move until he's passed the ball, and if one of his team-mates runs past him he'll trip him up and take it. This is, of course, untrue. But win a free kick with Real Madrid and you'll get "The Cristiano" pose. It's more or less spot-on. And fun to hold it for as long as possible to make your opponent upset.

Likeness verdict: 8/10


3. Luis Suarez, Barcelona


Fifa rating: 90 

As yet, no-one has uncovered the button configuration to make Suarez eat opponents, but there are occasional glimpses of his top teeth, as in reeal life. A smidgen less evil-looking in Fifa than reality, but this is a game suitable for children. If you want evil, play Grand Theft Auto. Or Angry Birds, you big animal-abuser. 

Likeness verdict: 8/10


4. Manuel Neuer, Bayern Munich


Fifa rating: 90 

Absolutely no messing around here. Eyes seem to be making a hostile takeover of the rest of his face, but this is one of the game's better likenesses, and infuriatingly difficult to score against into the bargain. You will learn to hate this face. But at least you'll be hating accurately. 

Likeness verdict: 8/10


5. Arjen Robben, Bayern Munich


Fifa rating: 90 

Robben's always the player videogame writers talk about when complementing football video games on their "feel". If he can cut inside from the right and hit a ball with his left foot convincingly then you've got yourself an 8/10 review. That's the case in Fifa 16. In isolation, though, that does not look much like Arjen Robben.

Likeness verdict: 4/10


6. Eden Hazard, Chelsea


Fifa rating: 89 

What's going on here? That shape-of-face, cropped hair and general gait do not a Premier do not a PFA Player of the Year make. Much like current Hazard for Chelsea, in that respect. A serious disappointment

Likeness verdict: 1/10


7. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paris Saint-Germain


Fifa rating: 89 

"I am Zlatan!" proclaims Playstation 4 Ibra. No, you're not. You're a weird Greek uncle who has been told to stop it with the "racy" jokes but Just. Will. Not. Listen. 

Likeness verdict: 3/10


8. Neymar, Barcelona


Fifa rating: 88 

Remember Sensible Soccer? There were no neck tattoos in Sensible Soccer. There was also no Neymar, who probably thinks "Amiga" is the Spanish word for female friend. Which it does! Cheers, Google. Anyway, this is a decent effort, if a touch older-looking than reality. 

Likeness verdict: 8/10


9. Thiago Silva, Paris Saint-Germain


Fifa rating: 88 

Lacks the Action Man sheen of PSG's centre back, and will be disappointed that the carefully cultivated ratio of sides:top in his current haircut has been flattened into a uniform length style from the late 1970s. Still, he's ready to fight you. With his clenched, angry, well-renumerated fits.

Likeness verdict: 5/10


10. David Silva, Manchester City


Fifa rating: 88 

Yes, David Silva is as good as Andre Iniesta in Fifa 16 and not before time. His in-game represenation is lagging, though. Oddly tubby and a touch too tall for our liking. Hair also looks like a wig. 

Likeness verdict: 10/10


11. Andrés Iniesta, Barcelona


Fifa rating: 88 

The still picture does not do justice to how much Andres Iniesta in Fifa 16 looks like Andreas Iniesta from Barcelona 15/16. It's in the way he moves, and keeps his head up while he's dribbling. The hair is perfect, the face a picture of concentration, the passes unerring. Unless you're rubbish. Spectacular. 

Likeness verdict: 10/10


12. Sergio Aguero, Manchester City


Fifa rating: 87 

To Premier League defenders, Sergio Aguero is a deeply frightening man. That's transmitted into Fifa 16 but perhaps not in the most accurate way, because Aguero looks like a hostile guard coming to punch you in the face in Metal Gear Solid. 

Likeness verdict: 6/10


13. James Rodriguez, Real Madrid


Fifa rating: 87 

Oh, this one's less good. The last World Cup's boyfriend looks closer to Real Madrid failure Javier Hernandez than the man who scored a 40 yard turboscreamer in Brazil last year. Another who's missing his tattoos. He will be livid. Unless he prefers PES...

Likeness verdict: 6/10


14. Toni Kroos, Real Madrid


Fifa rating: 87 

This Real Madrid team, they all look a lot like the Real Madrid team. Kroos is an uncomplicated player, comfortable with the ball at his feet, likes white boots, has hands. Job done.

Likeness verdict: 8/10


15. Jerome Boateng, Bayern Munich


Fifa rating: 87 

Another defender who gives the impression that the designers spent several months perfecting the glamorous names and about five minutes on the people whose job it is to head away corners. The mini-mohawk is an understandable ommision. Hairstyles change, people. Especially footballers's. The lack of tattoos is less acceptable. 

Likeness verdict: 2/10


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