Cheapest Possible Solutions to Squad Building Challenge in FIFA 17

u4fifa Date: Oct/17/16 22:40:52 Views: 75

FIFA 17 has been released for a while. Game players have always been working on the complete of the challenges to get rewards. Some players' squads may be worth it, while some squads make no sense. So here are cheapest possible solutions from players on EA forum. The following are tips.


1. For players who just start the game, keep all your bronze and use them for the easy squad building challenges early on in the game, then immediately open the packs you get from the individual challenges and use the pack pulls to complete the rest of the set (or keep the player if you have a great pack).


2. Make sure to read the challenge requirements proprely. If it's asking for rares or Gold rares for example. It's super easy to complete challenges that ask for rares with only bronze rares. If it is asking about a hybrid with 11 nationalities, make sure to check if requires to be from different leagues or not. It is super easy to complete a 11 nation "hybrid" challenge when you are able to only use one league. The opposite is also true when it asks you to complete an 11 league "hybrid" team but it allows you to use only one nation.


3. Use or to make sure your planned squad actually gets the chemistry it should or fits the requirements of the challenges.


4. Slower players tend to be the cheapest options for these challenges.


5. The Brazilians, Dutch and French are probably the nations that appear in almost every league and are easy to use for some hybrids, they can be quite cheap too.


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