Best Custom Tactics to Use in FIFA 17

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For players, it's useless when only focusing on the playing the game, the suitable tactics that applied in the game is important. Here is kind of custom tactics designed by top ranked player HekTic_JukeZ introduced to you.


This year, sensible passing and ball retention are crucial, which are pressuring the opposition and cutting off passing lanes when you don't have the ball. By applying FIFA 17 Custom Tactics from the Team Management screen, you can tailor the spacing and pace of your side to suit your style. 


Build Up Play



This dictates the pace with which your players get forward. 70 is fast, but not too fast. Any higher and you risk burning out and leaving yourself open to the counter. 70 is ideal.




The passing tactic determins the length at which passing options make themselves available. Around 30 sees your players coming towards the ball carrier, and 70 sees them move for it. 50 is a nice blend of both, and works best for this playstyle.




Organised is key when linking passes so that you know where your players are going to be. Free Form would result in strikers drifting wide and full backs roaming.


Chance Creation:



Passing in the Chance Creation section determines how your players look to receive a pass. Low stats here is for longer passing, whereas high stats are best for pinging it about. 70 is ideal.




There is a strange bug in FIFA this year where the Shooting and Crossing tactics are switched, that means to dictate how much your strikers look for crosses from wide players, you need to change the shooting tactic. It is suggested 20 to focus on passing and runs in behind.




If you want to have your players look to get a shot off as often as possible, but this tactic is ultimately pointless, so 60 is risk free.




Free Form should only be used with good teams, that have full backs who are capable of joining the attack, such as Real Madrid with Marcelo, or Bayern Munich with David Alaba, because you'll find that players swap positions and worry less about getting back in position. Not a great idea with lower rated players, but ultimately results in faster play.





Pressure in this instance relates to how high up the pitch your backline will pressure the opponent. 30 would see your back four on the edge of your own box, 60 is up closer to the half-way line can help you dominate the game.




The tactic that determines how your players hunt the ball, a balanced 50 works well with the high line so as not to leave holes in behind. You'll still be able to pressure high and cut passing lanes.


Team Width:


It's reccommend playing with a narrow formation such as the 4-1-2-1-2 (2), or the 4-3-3 (4). Here the most popular team Real Madrid is advised to use with the formation 4-3-3(4). With the pace of Ronaldo and Bale and the all-around skills of Karim Benzema, it's best to use a three-man attack. It helps that in Kroos and Modric the midfield is perfectly balanced and consists of game-changing players that allow James Rodriguez to join the attack. 4-3-3(4) - The fourth variation of 4-3-3 with two CMs and a CAM is the perfect formation for Real Madrid. Los Blancos have the perfect player in every position.


Defender Line:


Cover is essential to have the AI automatically make players fill in the gaps when someone goes roaming. This is essential if you are going to play Free Form positioning, otherwise they'll just wander off and leave a gap.


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