A Bit on FIFA 17 New Frostbite Engine

u4fifa Date: Jul/09/16 16:36:35 Views: 30

So, FIFA 17 will have a new engine and it is named frostbite, so I decided to explain a little about it and put the good and bad of the new engine.




It is fucking beautiful. It is definitely one of the best looking engine out there. (examples- Battlefront gameplay , Battlefield 4 gameplay, 2 years ago


Better online connection system, this engine was built (or modified) to be a Battlefield engine, and as of Battlefield is an online focused game. So I would believe that FIFA 17 won't take those features out.


Can handle a lot of action. Again this was built (or modified) to be a Battlefield engine, meaning it holds 32 vs 32 (64 players), while every one of this people can dynamically affect the level, and interact with one another.


Less load times, maybe the most important one, Battlefield game don't have half as much loading time as FIFA, and this will probably transfer over to FIFA 17.


Frostbite have a posebility for dynamic changes, meaning tat in the Battlefield series there a literally towers drooping, dam crumbling, flooting all the maps and ships that crush into the land, so we might see more dynamic crowd, managers, bench, ball boys and even the ads on the side.




Never had they been a good AI system on the frostbite engine. So there were AI systems in the Battlefield 4 and battlefront, but the AI was really dumb, not difficult, etc'.


Battlefield also have a bad launch record with games. So 5/5 of the last games had huge trouble at launch. To be fair 2 of them wasn't an engine problem and they fixed the other 2, plus they have 5 more games before.


GK still deadpans on animations. So no matter what engine it is, GK and player movement out are about EA worked on animations, players can't do what they aren't told to be doing.


Frostbite had some ragdoll problems in the past.